Railing Fence

Round, steel, vertical pickets between two horizontal rails give MALVASIA a more refined look and the feel of a traditional wrought iron railing. Hollow pickets give MALVASIA all the strength with much less weight than that of traditional wrought iron picket railings.

Applications: MALVASIA’s great for residential fencing and is well-suited for commercial and institutional fencing. MALVASIA can be used for railings, gates, perimeter, and security fencing.

Malvasia Post & Panel elevation
post & panel elevation


A – Post Spacing (78 3/4″ Maximum)
B – Panel Width (78 1/2″ Maximum)
C – Lug Projection (2 1/2″ Maximum)
D – Panel Height (up to 77″ High)
E – Clearance (4″ Maximum)
F – Post Embedment (7″ Minimum)

Additional Specifications

Grill Weight Approx. 2 Lbs. per Sq. Ft.
Steel Meets ASTM A-36
Electrofused Steel Construction
Hot-Dip Galvanized Meets ASTM-123
Polyester Powder-Coated or Epoxy Wet-Coat

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