Picket Fence

Round, pointed steel pickets extending vertically above a horizontal top rail give BIANCALANCIA the look and feel of an elegant, classical design. This traditionally styled picket rail is made from hollow tube pickets, which make the fence deceptively lightweight yet amazingly strong.

Applications: BIANCALANCIA is designed as residential fencing but will also enhance commercial, educational, hospitality, and institutional installations. BIANCALANCIA is perfect for site fencing, gates, ramp rails, balcony rails, essentially anywhere a fence, light in weight, is desired.


A – Post Spacing (78 3/4″ Maximum)
B – Panel Width (78 1/2″ Maximum)
C – Lug Projection (2 1/2″ Maximum)
D – Panel Height (up to 83 3/8″ High)
E – Clearance (4″ Maximum)
F – Post Embedment (7″ Minimum)

Additional Specifications

Grill Weight Approx. 2 Lbs. per Sq. Ft.
Steel Meets ASTM A-36
Electrofused Steel Construction
Hot-Dip Galvanized Meets ASTM-123
Polyester Powder-Coated or Epoxy Wet-Coat

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