Square Perforated Panels

COLOSSEO is a perforated metal panel system with open squares arranged in a geometric pattern. COLOSSEO’s clean simple geometry creates a striking, modern and dynamic appearance.

APPLICATIONS: COLOSSEO panels are especially well suited for residential and commercial applications when used as fencing, doors, entrance gates, equipment screens, balcony railings, interior partitions, refuse enclosures and divider screens.


A –  Post Spacing (78 3/4″ Maximum)

B – Panel Width (78 1/2″ Maximum)

C – Lug Projection (Direct Panel to Post)

D – Panel Height (up to 52″ High)

E – Clearance (4″ Maximum)

F – Post Embedment (7″ Minimum)

Additional Specifications

Grill Weight approx. 3.2 lbs. per sq. ft.

Steel meets ASTM A-36

Custom panel size is available upon request

Hot-dip Galvanized meets ASTM-123

Polyester Powder-coated or Epoxy Wet-coat

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