Horizontal 80% Closed Louver Fence System

FRANGITALIA steel louvers are EMMEGI’s superior alternative to aluminum louvers when concealment, noise reduction and ventilation is required. FRANGITALIA combines the strength of electrofused steel with stability and security.

FRANGITALIA 80 panels afford an additional amount of light and air circulation through the panel. Panels can be installed Horizontally or Vertically, creating a “closed privacy wall” that offers noise reduction and visual security, while allowing 45% free airflow and ventilation through the panel.

APPLICATIONS: FRANGITALIA 80% Closed Panels are designed for concealing mechanical equipment, garbage dumpsters and HVAC equipment. FRANGITALIA’s great versatility is apparent when also used in security fences, airport prop-blast screens, sunscreens, ventilation openings, parapet railings, highway barriers, bridge railings, dunnage screens and pipe chases.


A –  Post Spacing (78 3/4″ Maximum)

B – Panel Width (73 11/32″ Maximum)

C – Lug Projection (2 1/2″ Maximum)

D – Panel Height (up to 228″ High)

E – Clearance (4″ Maximum)

F – Post Embedment (7″ Minimum)

Additional Specifications

Electrofused Steel Construction

Grill Weight approx. 4.05 lbs. per sq. ft.

Steel meets ASTM A-36

NOTE: Panels above 96″ require additional support

Hot-dip Galvanized meets ASTM-123

Polyester Powder-coated or Epoxy Wet-coat

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